Personal Shopping Service and business attire for women

Professional style made simple

Shopping in stores is time consuming and shopping online can be overwhelming. Our mission is to take the pain out of shopping and help you spend more time doing the things that you love.

Our goal is simple. Help you build an amazing wardrobe in the simplest way possible. What could be easier than clicking a button and having your own personal stylist curate pieces especially for you, try them on in the comfort of your own home with your own wardrobe, and only pay for the pieces you love?

An eye on quality and modern sophistication

Montreal, one of the best cities for fashion, is our home.  We design and build our own collection here in Canada, sourcing quality fabrics from the best mills around the globe.

Our collection is aimed at the contemporary woman, who is looking for classic yet modern pieces from a great power suit to that perfect sophisticated dress that can take you from the office to an evening out.

Our Story

Our two founders, Catherine Henry and Elizabeth Killen, one having spent her career in the fashion industry and the other in technology, came together to create 39th Avenue. It’s a perfect match for today’s world of technology driven commerce. They’ve known each other since childhood where they grew up in Montreal on 39th Avenue.

Catherine is the creative director behind 39th Avenue. Her goal is to design a sophisticated and versatile wardrobe for today’s professional business woman. Catherine learned garment construction and tailoring from her early days working on 7th Avenue for Norma Walters in NYC. Her eye for innovative fabrics, style and attention to detail come from many years leading design development and production at TeenFlo Paris/Judith & Charles Montreal. She’s taking fit to the next level and making it great.

Elizabeth has a love for everything technology. Imagine her surprise when she decided to move into fashion. Having spent her career with leading technology companies, often traveling to be with clients and presenting to c-level executives, she embodied the 39th Avenue client who wants and needs to look great with no time to keep up with styles or shop anywhere but her local mall. The project she looks most forward to is helping create the perfect travel wardrobe.